The Walking Dead Fans Spot New Abraham Plot Hole From Season 5


The Walking Dead fans are still waiting for the final episode of season 10 to air following coronavirus disruption, but at least they’re using their time productively. Many of them appear to have been binging old seasons of the zombie show and picking out glaring factual inaccuracies that slipped under the radar the first time around. The latest plot hole to come to light dates back to season 5 and concerns fan-favorite character Abraham Ford, who was, of course, brutally killed by Negan at the end of the following season.

However, as reported by The Express, some viewers have pointed out that the former army sergeant shouldn’t have even been alive to bear the brunt of the villain’s baseball bat by that point. In the fifth episode of season 5, titled “Self Help,” Abraham sets off on a mission to Washington D.C. with Eugene, Rosita and other survivors in tow but is set upon by a horde of walkers. He survives certain doom by turning the deck gun of a long-abandoned fire truck against the undead assailants.

The only problem with this scenario is that fire truck water pumps are fueled by power take-off from the engine, which at the time, isn’t running because it’s more dead than the walkers Abraham is attempting to ward off. And without the makeshift riot hose on his side, Michael Cudlitz’s character would almost certainly have perished long before he crossed paths with the Lucile-packing Negan.

It would seem that someone in The Walking Dead‘s quality control department was having an off day when this episode was being produced as the water pump gaffe isn’t the only error fans have picked out during repeat viewings. In the same scene, Maggie comes to assist Abraham and pulls down a ladder from the rear of the fire truck. But in previous shots, this ladder is on the passenger side of the vehicle, not the rear. Doh!

Granted, pointing out these continuity errors and factual inaccuracies feels like nitpicking, but it’s inevitable when fans are eager for more of their favorite show. With no new episodes to take in, it’s only natural that viewers pore over old episodes in search of minor details they missed, and this occasionally highlights blunders of this nature.

Luckily, the grand finale of The Walking Dead‘s latest run is on the horizon as AMC is said to have a date in mind for the long-delayed episode and reports suggest it’s sometime in July. With any luck, that means it could be mere weeks away.