The Walking Dead Fans Vow To Continue Watching After Rick Leaves


Unfortunately, there’s only one more episode of Rick Grimes left on The Walking Dead, and though we’ve known for a while now that Andrew Lincoln would be exiting the role that he’s played for almost a decade sometime in the first half of season 9, it’s finally about to happen. So, it seems we should get ready to mourn another beloved character, right?

Well, maybe not. Of course, the past few years of the show have told us to expect every departing cast member to make their exit in grisly fashion, but the cast and crew have been pretty careful to leave the option open that Rick may make it out alive. Whether that’ll actually be the case or not remains to be seen, but either way, it seems that folks intend on sticking around even once Lincoln has said his goodbyes.

Last month at the annual Walker Stalker Con, caught up with a bunch of fans and as you can see from the video below, it sounds like the majority of them will continue watching even after Rick’s gone.

This is actually a bit surprising to see, as a study done not too long ago showed that many people said they’d be tuning out after Lincoln’s departure. Not to mention that ratings have been falling pretty far this season, with the show struggling to maintain viewership. But it seems there’s still a good deal of diehard fans out there who’ll stick with it till the end.

We’ll just have to wait until The Walking Dead 9×05 “What Comes After” airs tomorrow night to see what the future holds for Andrew Lincoln’s fearless leader, but in the meantime, tell us, how do you think Grimes will go? A gruesome death, or a peaceful departure? Make yourself heard in the comments section down below!