The Walking Dead’s Final Season Has Officially Begun Filming

Norman Reedus
Image via AMC

It’s the beginning of the end. The Walking Dead season 11 has started filming, marking the final time the post-apocalyptic drama will go into production on a new season. AMC announced last summer that the record-breaking series would be wrapping up after its next full run, and on this second week of February, work has finally begun on it. We’ve yet to see any set photos from the shoot, unfortunately, but writer Kevin Deiboldt has confirmed the news on Twitter.

“Kudos to our crew and cast (asskickers, the lot of ‘em!) on the long-awaited start of filming for S11,” Deiboldt wrote on social media, along with a humorous sketch of a walker. He went on to tease how good season 11 will turn out to be. “A full (effed up) year in the works, we truly hope it’s worth the wait.”

Though fans might be feeling a little sad that the end is in sight, there’s no need to mourn the show just yet, as there are still a whopping 30 episodes of TWD to go. Six additional outings of season 10, produced amid the pandemic in order to tide fans over until the next run gets here, debut later this month. And the final chapter will then clock in at a super-sized 24 episodes, making it the longest TWD season by some margin.

With 10C acting as more of a stopgap, examining the fallout of the Whisperer War, season 11 will then properly dive into the new storyline involving the Commonwealth, the biggest community the survivors have discovered as yet. Eugene and his group were last seen being captured by the Commonwealth, and one episode of 10C will check in on them. Other installments of the anthological mini-season will focus on Daryl and Carol, Maggie and Negan.

The Walking Dead episode 10×17 “Home Sweet Home” debuts Sunday, February 28th on AMC (or you can catch it a week earlier on AMC+).