The Walking Dead Might’ve Just Teased Its Final Storyline

The Walking Dead Season 9 Daryl

With The Walking Dead now plowing through its tenth season, fans of the post-apocalyptic franchise are wondering just how long the flagship series has left to go before it calls it quits. The TV show doesn’t strictly follow the comic book storyline, but it does largely follow the major beats of the work of Robert Kirkman’s source material. Given that, it seems that the series might’ve just teased its final storyline.

In episode 10×06, “Bonds,” Eugene used parts from the crashed satellite – that landed in the season opener – to extend the range of his radio. He ended up contacting a woman from another community some distance away. To continue their conversations, the woman made him promise not to tell anyone else about her or ask exactly where she came from. Nevertheless, she did say that she was originally from Pennsylvania.

This appears to be TWD tackling a storyline that began in issue #151 of the comics, in which Eugene likewise made contact with a mysterious woman. In issue #176, it’s revealed her name is Stephanie and that she comes from the Commonwealth, a massive community to the north of Alexandria that comprises 50,000 people. This is our first concrete hint that the Commonwealth is coming to TV, though Maggie may have helped form the place during the period of the time-jump.

The big deal, though, is that the Commonwealth storyline is the final big arc in the comics. In issue #192, Rick Grimes is killed by the son of the community’s leader, who views Rick as a meddling outsider. After a massive leap into the future, the comics concluded with issue #193. Obviously, Rick’s long gone from the parent series – to star in his own spinoff movies – so it’s not like the show will be building to his death like the comics. Still, the source material is definitely running out, so this may mean the end is near for The Walking Dead.