The Walking Dead Offers Spoiler-Free Hints About Season 10 Finale

The Walking Dead

As originally planned, we would have got to see The Walking Dead season 10 finale last night. Unfortunately, however, the episode has been indefinitely delayed due to post-production work being held up by the current lockdown. So, while we wait for it to air, we’ll have to make do with these intriguing teases offered by the TWD Twitter account in response to fans’ questions.

A few days ago, the account offered up 10 spoiler-free hints at what’s to come in episode 10×16 “A Certain Doom.” No words were used in their responses and instead we got only single emojis which we’re left to interpret the meaning of. See what you make of the following teases…

First off, one fan asked whether the mysterious new character, the masked man, is an ally of Maggie’s, drawing a link between both of them appearing in the finale.

It looks like we can expect some emotional stuff from Carol in the finale, which is pretty worrying.

And some shocks to come from Negan, too.

Expect some cool things from Aaron.

Be prepared for some comic-accurate moments.

A “no comment” on a Negan vs. Beta fight.

Fingers crossed this means there’s a touching Grimes children reunion coming.

Will the “helicopter community” – the Civic Republic Military – be in the finale?

Time will tell whether Connie finally comes back.

Last but not least, there’s one thing the account outright confirmed. And that’s that there will definitely be deaths in the finale. That’s kind of a big reveal, but then again, the episode’s title is “A Certain Doom” not “A Certain Picnic.”

Of course, the episode gets its name from the comic book volume that features the final attack of the Whisperers, resulting in the death of Andrea as she selflessly rescues Eugene. Fans are fully expecting another character to fill that role in the TV show, but who will it be? We’ll just have to be patient and wait until The Walking Dead eventually returns to our screens to find out.