The Walking Dead Will Reportedly Kill Off [SPOILERS] In Its Final Season

The Walking Dead

Ever since the comic book series came to a surprise end last year, The Walking Dead fans have been wondering how the TV show will likewise wrap up when the time eventually comes to call it a day. But when will that be? AMC has already renewed the series for an eleventh season, once season 10 finally airs its last episode, so how many more will it have after that? Well, it’s possible that we might only have two further seasons of TWD left.

Last November, we shared the news that AMC is planning to make season 12 the concluding year of the parent show, though the franchise will still live on beyond it. We’ve now received an update with additional news on the final season though, revealing one character who’ll reportedly be meeting their end before things come to a close.

According to sources close to WGTC – the same ones who told us Disney is developing a live-action Robin HoodTransformers is being rebooted and a She-Hulk show is in the works, all of which were correct – the showrunners plan to kill off Negan in season 12. Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s former Savior leader has been a major part of TWD since he joined at the end of season 6, lording it over our heroes for the next couple of years before he was finally defeated in season 8. In seasons 9 and 10, the character has transformed into a reformed figure who’s trying to prove to the survivors that he’s changed his ways.

Assuming his road to redemption continues over the next two seasons, maybe Negan’s death would be the perfect way to fully absolve the character of his former crimes. We’ve had no specific intel on how he’d die, but it’s easy to imagine him making some kind of sacrificial move that proves once and for all he’s not the man he once was. He never dies in the comics, but he is similarly shown to be willing to pay for his misdeeds when Maggie comes to kill him (an event adapted for the screen in season 9).

In any case, it’s too early to say for sure how things will play out here, but maybe we’ll get a hint when The Walking Dead returns to AMC sometime later this year. Watch this space for more.