The Walking Dead Finally Reveals Negan’s Last Name In Season 10 Finale


After four seasons, The Walking Dead finally revealed Negan’s surname in the last installment of the extended season 10. This weekend delivered episode 10×22 “Here’s Negan,” which unveiled the origins of everyone’s favorite bat-wielding reformed villain. For the most part, it stuck closely to what creator Robert Kirkman set out in his spinoff miniseries of the same name. However, it also featured one major revelation that the comic books never did, as now we know that Negan’s last name is – get ready for it – Smith.

While it wasn’t stated aloud, those who were paying attention may have noticed that “Smith” was written on Negan and Lucille’s mailbox outside their pre-apocalypse home. Meanwhile, Negan’s collection of sports trophies in his basement showcases one prize awarded to “Negan Smith” if you look closely at the inscription. Also of note is that a pennant on display behind it is for Saviors Athletics, which may tell us where Negan got the name for his Saviors from.

Though Negan’s last name wasn’t confirmed anywhere in the comics universe, the revelation that it’s Smith appears to have been inspired by a tongue-in-cheek comment Kirkman has made on the topic in the past. When asked what Negan’s family name was during a convention appearance in 2018, the comic writer made one up on the spot. “His last name is Smith, there we go,” he said. “Is that a good one?” The TV show has now taken this joke and made it canon, it seems.

Though “Here’s Negan” answered a lot of questions fans had about the ex-foe’s backstory, we’ve still got plenty more from the character to come in season 11. Though banished from Alexandria by Carol at the beginning of this last episode, Negan adopts something of his old attitude by the end of it, returning to the settlement with a swagger, in the face of Maggie’s fury at seeing him. It looks like there’s a big showdown to come between the two of them when The Walking Dead heads back to AMC for new episodes this summer, and we can’t wait to see it play out.