The Walking Dead Stars Discuss The Possibility Of Rick And Michonne Having A Baby


A zombie-infested, post-apocalyptic world isn’t the best place to raise a family, but that hasn’t stopped the cast of The Walking Dead. First, Rick and Lori Grimes had Judith and now, Maggie’s currently pregnant with hers and Glenn’s baby. But could there be even more kids on the way in future seasons of the show?

Attending a Q&A whilst at this weekend’s Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta, Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira were asked what they think of the idea of their characters Rick and Michonne – who’ve entered into a relationship following the death of Rick’s wife Lori – having a child together, and it turns out the pair have different feelings on the matter.

Lincoln’s all for it, even joking that the couple should “repopulate the earth.” Gurira, on the other hand, doesn’t know if her character is looking to get pregnant, as it would limit her agility in a fight, most likely putting her out of action for a long time.

Lincoln: I think we need to repopulate the earth. And when I say it I mean Rick Grimes with a British accent…Yes, yes, and thrice, yes. Let’s get it on.

Gurira: He, Rick, doesn’t have to bear the load of that. But, yeah. You know, yeah. Michonne would have to think about that a little. She likes being agile. She likes being able to move.

Lincoln: She’d still be kick-ass with a bump! She’d be amazing.

Gurira: In theory, I love the idea. The practicality of it, I don’t know, Michonne would have to think that through.

Gurira is probably onto something with the idea of Michonne being reluctant to have a child with Rick. It’s worth remembering that she previously had a son, Andre, who died shortly after the walker outbreak. This has made it hard for her in the past to be around Judith, so it would surely be a very difficult experience for her if she were to have another child herself.

On the other hand, though, it could go some way to healing her wounds. Regardless, it would definitely be an interesting storyline to explore, don’t you think?

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