The Walking Dead Season 10 Finale Forgot To Answer A Big Maggie Question


We finally got to see The Walking Dead season 10 finale over the weekend, and though it did a good job of wrapping up the past year of the series on the whole, it still left a bunch of loose threads dangling. Of course, they’ll no doubt be tied up in the six additional episodes that are coming in early 2021, but for now, it’s slightly frustrating that we don’t have the answers.

One of the big questions we have left is related to Maggie, with Lauren Cohan’s character making her comeback in the episode. The former Hilltop leader reunited with many of her good friends in the outing, but she didn’t come face to face again with an old enemy – Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Last time we saw the character, she was on the verge of killing the ex-Savior for murdering her husband Glenn, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. That doesn’t mean it’s all water under the bridge, though, as she’s bound to have some strong feelings about the change in his situation since she left.

By the season 10 finale, Negan has proved his loyalties to the survivors, working with them to take the Whisperers down. He was hired to kill Alpha, he’s shown compassion for the likes of Judith and Lydia and he’s even teamed up with Daryl a couple of times. But Maggie’s missed all of this personal growth, so it remains to be seen how she’ll react when she finds out that Glenn’s killer has supposedly changed his spots enough to become a trusted ally.

Those aforementioned extra six episodes will take an anthology style approach and one of them will focus on Maggie, answering questions like where she’s been and who the heck that mysterious masked man is. Hopefully it’ll also put her together with Negan, though, so that we can discover her take on the villain’s redemption arc and see whether she believes it or not.

In the meantime, The Walking Dead universe continues with new episodes of World Beyond and Fear the Walking Dead Sundays on AMC.