Watch: The Walking Dead Season 10 Finale Trailer Teases A Thrilling Showdown

The Walking Dead

Fans have been waiting months for the long-delayed finale to The Walking Dead season 10, but in just over four weeks’ time, the episode will finally air on AMC. And this new promo for it promises a grand final showdown between the survivors and their masked foes as the Whisperer War reaches its thrilling conclusion.

The trailer packs a lot into its brief 30-second length, featuring various characters and teasing what they’ll be getting up to in the finale, which is ominously titled “A Certain Doom.” As we saw from the previously released opening scene of the episode, Daryl, Judith, Carol and Kelly will return to the tower in order to help everyone trapped inside by Beta’s enormous zombie horde. They’ll then have to escape by disguising themselves as walkers to pass through the crowd unseen – but will everyone make it out alive?

The trailer also drops in on the episode’s B-plot, which sees Eugene, Ezekiel, Yumiko and Princess reaching their destination after leaving home episodes ago to rendezvous with the mysterious other community that Eugene’s been in contact with. Their journey’s been a perilous one, but they aren’t going to give up. “After all we hoped,” says Eugene in a stirring speech. “After all we’ve been through… We’re not turning back.”

Interestingly, this promo actually holds back more than previous trailers, which have revealed that Lauren Cohan is returning as Maggie Rhee, for example, and that Aaron and Alden will be saved by an unknown person in a metal mask. We’ve yet to get much footage from the back half of the episode, though, so it’s still up in the air how the Whisperers will be defeated and which characters will be the final casualties of the conflict.

Like the promo says, the season 10 finale airs as a special TWD event alongside the pilot episode of The Walking Dead: World Beyond on Sunday, October 4th. Don’t miss it.