Watch: Opening Minutes Of The Walking Dead Season 10 Finale

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead fans have been waiting a long time to feast their eyes on the season 10 finale, which was originally scheduled to cap off the run back in April before it had to be pulled due to post-production work being interrupted by the pandemic. We’ve still got to be patient for a few more months, unfortunately, but we’ve at least got the first few minutes of the episode, ominously titled “A Certain Doom,” to enjoy now.

Today’s TWD virtual panel at [email protected] kicked off with this thrilling 3-minute clip from the start of the finale. Remember, we left off with Beta sending his walkers to surround the survivors at the tower. Sure enough, things begin with everyone at panic stations inside. We follow Father Gabriel as he gives his “mighty weapon” speech, as seen in prior previews, about how the different groups make up a fist to defeat the Whisperers with.

As Gabriel’s words play over the top, we see the various other folks out there coming to help. As we already know, these include the mysterious masked man who saves Alden and Aaron and none other than Lauren Cohan’s Maggie Rhee. The new footage that we haven’t seen before then plays at the end of the clip, as Beta commands what has to be the biggest zombie horde we’ve ever witnessed on the show.

It also seems like what’s left of Beta’s sanity has left him as he appears to hallucinate the walkers speaking to him and hanging on his every word. “We are the end of the world,” they chant back at him, before he orders them to charge – or, you know, vaguely stagger in the direction of – his enemies. The hazy camera work that wraps around these scenes surely tells us it’s not really happening.

Lastly, this extended clip ends with a reveal of when to expect the long-awaited finale: The Walking Dead will return on October 4thFear the Walking Dead season 6 then kicks off on AMC a week later.