The Walking Dead Season 10 Finally Coming To Netflix Next Month

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead season 10 is finally about to arrive on Netflix, and just in time for streaming users to catch up with it before season 11 kicks off later this summer. The pandemic massively changed the shape of AMC’s plans for the final couple of seasons of TWD. Instead of getting a new season last fall, we got six additional episodes this past spring that were packaged together with the rest of season 10, bringing the run to a total of 22 episodes.

Because Netflix only adds full seasons to its library, that held up the earlier installments of season 10 from going up on the platform, however. But the good news is that the wait is almost over. Along with the streaming giant’s stacked list of movies and TV shows (which you can view in full by clicking here) that are debuting in July, Netflix has confirmed that TWD season 10 will become available to stream in the US on Saturday, July 26th.

That includes the original 16 episodes of the run, plus those six additional entries that were produced to be a bridge between the conclusion of the Whisperer War and the beginning of the Commonwealth arc that will play out across season 11. Speaking of, Netflix adding season 10 in late July gives fans the opportunity to get up to date with the post-apocalyptic drama before its final season premieres around a month later.

Remember, season 11 will be a super-sized 24 episodes long and is set to be released in three chunks of eight, which means it will eventually conclude sometime in 2022, possibly around the summer. The first third launches on AMC on Sunday, August 22nd. AMC+ users should also be aware that The Walking Dead season 10 is due to disappear from the network’s streaming service on July 1st ahead of its arrival on Netflix later in the month.