The Walking Dead Season 10 Photos Tease New Threats And Old Faces

Daryl Dixon The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead returns for its tenth season in just a couple of months and, to get us even more hyped for the show reaching such a major milestone, AMC has now released a bunch of images from the upcoming run.

There are a lot of things of note about these pics, too, which may tease a few storylines that’ll play out over season 10. For one, Daryl and Carol are seen on the former’s motorbike together – a hint that they could finally become an item this year? Then there’s Eugene with the radio, reminding us that a mysterious female voice was heard to reach out last season.

One photo also introduces newcomer Brandon (Blaine Kern III), who’s seen with a gardening Negan. In the comics, Brandon helps the former villain to escape and join with the Whisperers. This was a bad choice on his part, though, as it ended in his death. But will things unfold the same way on TV?

There are also a few images that highlight Danai Gurira’s Michonne, depicted protecting Judith, walking with Daryl and even allying with Magna, who she didn’t get on with in season 9. Gurira is, of course, leaving TWD this year. She’ll appear in a limited number of episodes, though due to production shooting out of order, it’s probable that she’ll be featured late into the season.

From what we understand, season 10 will kick off in the spring, a few months after the events of season 9. Following the massacre at the Kingdom’s fair, the assembled communities are having to do as the Whisperers say. There will be efforts made to fight back, but the danger and fear some have over battling the sinister group will cause “paranoia, propaganda, secret agendas, and infighting that will test them as individuals and as a society.” At least, that’s according to the season’s official synopsis.

Be sure to catch The Walking Dead when it makes its return to AMC on Sunday, October 6th.