The Walking Dead Season 11 Has Reportedly Been Delayed Until 2021

The Walking Dead

Ahead of The Walking Dead panel at [email protected] this evening, a rumor is spreading like wildfire through social media. It’s being claimed that AMC is about to announce that season 11 won’t air this fall as is usual and it will instead premiere sometime in 2021. At present, this is unconfirmed, but it wouldn’t be surprising considering the delays facing the TWD franchise across the board right now.

The news is being shared by several fan accounts, and as one puts it, as translated into English: “It seems official that we will not have season 11 of #TheWalkingDead until 2021 … in one hour [the] panel begins at the #SDCC2020 … there we will know for sure.”

Fans are still waiting for the much-anticipated season 10 finale, which was pulled from the schedules back in April. As per original plans, The Walking Dead: World Beyond would have come and gone and Fear the Walking Dead season 6 was to have kicked off already. Once upon a time we were gearing up for virtually an entire year of The Walking Dead airing every Sunday. Unfortunately, however, the pandemic has put paid to that.

We haven’t heard any inkling that production could start on TWD particularly soon, so season 11 arriving in 2021 would make a lot of sense. This would be a first, too, as every single season has kicked off in October, even the short debut run. It’s hard to say when in the year it could premiere, then. Would it air in, say, the spring, or would AMC hold it off a full year and it wouldn’t be here until October 2021?

A recent update on Andrew Lincoln’s The Walking Dead movies revealed that the first one of those was also facing a similar delay and Scott Gimple and co. are using the time to beef up the script and their plans for future installments. As such, that could feasibly arrive in 2021 as well.