The Walking Dead Season 7 Promo Posters Tease Negan’s Wrath

Following yesterday’s Negan-centric promo for season 7 of The Walking Dead, AMC has released three new promotional posters, which further herald the bloody vengeance that the psychotic leader of The Saviors will unleash when the show returns next month.

The trio of posters feature familiar imagery, and are designed to highlight Rick’s helplessness in the face of such an unwaveringly ruthless foe. The network almost seems to be pushing Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) as some sort of boogeyman, and it’s not hard to understand why, as the character was responsible for some seriously heinous acts in the comic books.

In just a few weeks time, viewers will get to witness arguably his most reprehensible and brutal crime, when he mercilessly beats one of our main characters to death with his barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat, Lucille. The thing is, fans still aren’t sure which member of Ricks’s group is for the chop – although actor Michael Cudlitz recently gave us some indication of which character it probably won’t be.

The Walking Dead makes its return to AMC on October 23rd. Will you be tuning in?

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