The Threat Of The Saviors Looms On Promo For Next Week’s Walking Dead


Tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead, titled “Still Gotta Mean Something,” brought the “All-Out War” conflict between the allied communities and the Saviors closer to its show-stopping conclusion, which is set to go down in a couple of weeks. We checked in on several interesting pairings, including Rick and Morgan’s mission to go on the offensive against their enemies and Jadis’ kidnapping of Negan as revenge for what happened to the rest of the Heapsters.

Overall, it was another solid outing that progressed the story in some interesting ways that we look forward to seeing explored in the future. Speaking of which, we now have our first glimpse at next Sunday’s episode in the form of the short promo up above, along with a clip down below.

This fifteenth, and penultimate, installment of season 8 is set to be titled “Worth,” and the previously-released synopsis promises that the survivors will have to get pro-active in order to combat the looming threat of the Saviors:

“With the threat of the Saviors still looming, Aaron continues searching for allies; Daryl and Rosita take action and confront an old friend.”

With the season rolling into its final two episodes now, things look to be coming to a head as this description suggests that the pressure is on for our heroes, as they desperately search for new help or encounter “old friends.” We’re not sure the specifics of what this will involve at the moment, but let’s hope the excitement continues to build. Not only is the season on the up and up now, but it’s also improving in terms of ratings. For the first time in a while, for instance, the last few episodes have seen a positive incline in the number of viewers.

There’s just two more weeks until the extra-long season finale arrives and brings the season to an explosive close, but ahead of that, we’ve got The Walking Dead “Worth” to look forward to, which airs next Sunday, April 8th, on AMC.

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