War Breaks Out In New Trailer For The Walking Dead Season 8


Season 8 of The Walking Dead is shaping up to be the show’s most explosive outing to date, so it’s probably appropriate that it’s officially been titled All Out War. The news comes courtesy of ComicBook.com, who’ve also debuted a brand new trailer that gives us a mouth-watering taste of the carnage to come. Unfortunately, they’ve failed to make an embed available, so you’ll have to head on over there to watch it.

The teaser centres on Rick Grimes bolstering his Alexandria troops for the fight to come, yelling “Listen, all of you have a chance to survive. But those who use, and take, and kill? We end them!” Word is that this motley crew will be going after Negan, here seen bashing Lucille (his bat for those not following along) into a table in frustration. We also get a glimpse of the ridiculous yet somehow still totally awesome King Ezekiel and his tiger, Shiva. Let’s hope we see some kickass scenes of the latter mauling walkers and some particularly unlucky scavengers.

While The Walking Dead received some heavy criticism early on for being a bit slow and formulaic in its first couple of seasons, right now the excitement has properly kicked in and the show has proven that it’s ready and willing to take some risks and go into some bizarre territory. I think it’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan that’s mostly responsible for this, providing the series with a bit charisma and unpredictability precisely when it needed it most.

The Walking Dead shambles back onto AMC on October 22nd, with the season premiere also marking 100 episodes since that first installment way back in 2010. As such, expect it to be a special one.