The Walking Dead Season 9 Photo Reveals First Look At The Windmill


A little over a week ago, a snap from the set of The Walking Dead in Senoia, Georgia arrived online and revealed that a new structure was being built for season 9. Fans guessed that it was the windmill that Rick and his community put up in Alexandria in the comics. It turns out they were right, too, as a more recent photo confirms that the windmill is indeed coming to the TV series and not only that, but the structure has now been completed.

Down in the gallery below you can catch a glimpse of it for yourself, proving that the set designers of TWD are very quick workers. There’s not much else going on in the photo, but the introduction of the windmill is just the latest bit of proof that The Walking Dead season 9 will adapt the “A New Beginning” storyline from the comics.

In the source material, the construction of the windmill represents the newfound prosperity and peace that the Alexandrian community finds with the threat of the Saviors gone and Negan safely locked up in a cell. Fans will know that the windmill’s built during the time jump that moves the action a few years on from the climax of the “All-Out War” arc. After it was heavily theorized, a time jump has just been confirmed for the TV show as well by incoming showrunner Angela Kang.

Despite this fidelity to Robert Kirkman’s source material, though, something that’ll be unique to The Walking Dead on TV in season 9 is the upcoming exit of not only Andrew Lincoln, meaning that the series will loose its leading man who’s been around for the past eight seasons, but also Lauren Cohan’s Maggie. Expect the two stars to turn up for a handful of episodes before bowing out, at which point, things will be very, very different.