The 6 Most Shocking Moments From The Walking Dead Universe


To have the true Walking Dead experience, one needs to experience ALL of The Walking Dead. This means that you not only have to watch the show, but you must also play the Telltale game and read the stellar comic book series.

Personally, I think the comic book is the best of the three. It has a real sense of depravity that they just can’t seem to pull off on TV. In the same breath, anyone who has played through the Telltale game can tell you that it is a bit more heart wrenching than the show, because the game puts you INTO those scenarios, as oppose to the show, which just makes you witness to them.

So, like I said, you really need to experience this world in all three mediums to understand it. This is not a world overtaken by zombies. This is a world where the humans have to surpass the zombies as the monsters. This is a world that is accentuated by the constant threat of death. The worst part being, you have NO idea where this death is going to come from. Is this death going to be because you got bitten by a walker? Or is this death going to be because you crossed paths with some cannibal humans who have lost any thread of humanity left in them?

Hell, even worse, will  you just finally get broken by this world and die at your own hand? These are all fair questions to ask, and as someone who knows this Walking Dead world all too well, I can tell you, the answer depends on the person.

So, being The Walking Dead specialist I am (+5 points for me sounding like a douche there), I figured I would comb that universe and pick the six most shocking moments, and put them all in a nice, spoiler-filled list for you. See what I did there? I warned you about the spoilers. So even if you click even one page in, you have NO RIGHT to bitch in the comments.

You’ve been warned.