The Walking Dead Star Says The Season 10 Finale Was Impossible To Finish


With the communities now united, the Whisperer War is about to enter the home stretch. And understandably, fans are counting down the days until they can tune in for the premiere of “A Certain Doom, which will conclude season 10 of The Walking Dead.

If all had gone according to plan, Sunday, April 12th – Easter Sunday, no less – would’ve been when 10×16 made its debut. But, the Coronavirus pandemic had other plans and now, viewers are forced to wait a bit longer before they can see how things wrap up.

Yes, as the world continues to remain in lockdown, and numerous productions are waiting for the go ahead to fire back up again, AMC is one of many who’ve had to change their plans, with the season 10 finale being pushed into late 2020. And unfortunately, there’s no due date for when it’ll arrive just yet.

It’s a tough situation for viewers, but according to star Jeffrey Dean Morgan, finishing it would’ve just been impossible. Speaking in a recent interview, here’s what he said:

“When I heard the news that we weren’t able to air it for obvious reasons, they just couldn’t get the crew together to do post work,” Morgan, who plays Negan, told TooFab over video chat. “It sucks, it’s impossible. That being said, it gives us fans something to look forward to in a couple months, which is super cool.”

That’s fair enough, and while it’s no doubt going to be a tough wait, when episode 10×16 does arrive, it’ll surely be worth it. As mentioned above, it’ll bring about the end of the Whisperer War, which promises to finish in a surprising fashion. After all, we’ve got a sneaking suspicion that a couple fan favorites may bite the bullet before the season’s end.

Who will be the next to go? We can’t say for sure, but we’ll find out later this year when The Walking Dead returns.