The Walking Dead Stars Want More Daryl/Negan Scenes In Season 11


Negan had a hugely transformative arc over the course of The Walking Dead season 10, proving that he’s changed enough for even Daryl to take notice. The former bitter enemies have now saved each other’s lives, following the ex-Savior turning his back on some loyal Whisperers to free Daryl and Daryl taking out Beta to rescue Negan in the recent finale. At this stage, you might call them “frenemies,” but it’s possible that they could become family of sorts in season 11.

While speaking on the virtual TWD panel at New York Comic Con, Norman Reedus expressed excitement at where Negan’s redemption could take him next, possibly leading to a stronger bond between Daryl and his former foe. He even suggested that the ex-villain is “finding family” within the group.

“I’m excited for Daryl and Negan to start working together more,” Reedus said. “He’s taking care of Lydia, he’s proven he’s not the old Negan. He’s a new guy. And I think he’s kind of finding family with our group now. So I’m hoping to have more scenes with Jeff, for sure.”

Reedus went on to tease Morgan for Negan’s inability to land a hit on Beta during their fight in the finale, but Morgan jokingly responded that Negan was deliberately letting Daryl be the hero. “I baited him for [Daryl] to be the hero, is what I did,” he replied.

Of course, Reedus and Morgan will both be back in the six bonus episodes that are coming in early 2021. Production has just started on these extra anthology-style installments this week and the mini-season is being described as a “bridge to season 11,” allowing for smaller scale, character focused stories that can easily be made while complying with COVID-19 safety protocols.

After that, the jumbo-sized 24-part eleventh and final run will kick off. We know Daryl will survive that as Reedus is leading his own follow-up series along with Melissa McBride, but will Negan make it out alive, too, or will he die a hero? His fate will be revealed when The Walking Dead returns next year.