The Walking Dead EP And Star Tease What’s To Come In Season 10 Bonus Episodes

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead finally wrapped up its tenth season last weekend with its long-delayed finale – or did it? Though it was originally designed as the season 10 closer, six additional episodes of the run have been ordered to make up for the delay to season 11 due to the pandemic. And following the airing of the most recent outing, EP Angela Kang and star Norman Reedus have now revealed the first plot details about these bonus installments.

According to what Kang told Deadline, the episodes will be more character-focused, which fits in with the previous revelation that they would be anthology-like in style.

“I will say, they are really like deep dives into characters. It’s been really fun to kind of work on them creatively, although really a challenge, but a challenge I think that has been invigorating for people,” Kang explained, adding that the cast “seemed to really respond to the scripts, and we’ve had a good time writing them.”

The showrunner then went on to add that these episodes are naturally lower in scale than usual, as they were deliberately made with COVID-19 restrictions in mind, but she’s hopeful that fans will respond to the character material they have to offer. Including how Maggie will feel about Negan’s redemption, Daryl and Carol’s friendship and “where people have been in the past” – which may refer to Connie, who just returned after a long absence in the finale.

“They don’t have the typical scope and scale of what would be like a gigantic like finale with like hundreds of extras by the time you get to the end, but I think we get to tell a really, really cool story that I think the fans will really love,” Kang said. “We’ll get to see dynamics between Maggie and Negan, we’ll see a lot of story related to Daryl and Carol, and where people have been in the past, which, I think, should be satisfying for fans who have wondered about X, Y, Z moments.”

Reedus added his thoughts as well, commenting that these bonus installments will get “into the heads of the characters” more than usual. He described them as giving the series “some breathing room” after the all-out action of the conclusion to the Whisperer War, allowing for a more “introspective” tone… before things ramp up again with season 11.

“It’s more character-driven, because of COVID, it’s kind of changed the dynamic a little bit. Also, I think after such an epic battle at the end of this season I think you need some breathing room,” Reedus added. “I think people need to exhale and take a look around them, and I think that’s what’s happening now. I’m sure it’ll ramp back up again but right now it’s kind of an introspective exhale sort of a feel, which is nice. It’s a nice tone.”

Filming is now underway on these bonus outings, which will be airing on AMC in early 2021. Later that same year, the 24-episode eleventh and final season will then kick off, stretching into 2022 and bringing The Walking Dead to a close.