The Walking Dead Stuntman Who Died On Set Will Be Honored At Emmy Awards


Back in July, stunt performer and actor John Bernecker died in a tragic accident on the set of The Walking Dead in Atlanta. While practicing a stunt for the upcoming eighth season of the AMC zombie drama, Bernecker missed his mark and fell from a 20 foot balcony. Though he was rushed to a local hospital, doctors were unable to save his life. Production of The Walking Dead was then suspended for a week in respect of Bernecker’s passing.

Now, he’s about to be honored again on a much larger platform at this Sunday’s Emmy Awards ceremony. His mother, Susan Sherlock-Bernecker, will be attending the presentation and told that the overwhelming support from such a wide range of people has helped her through this difficult time.

“I’ve cried so much in the last two months that’s why I am not breaking out now, because it’s like, how much can you cry? I’ve never heard of them doing that for a stunt guy, you know. It’s usually the big actors.”

Bernecker then went on to talk about her son’s generosity of spirit and numerous friends. She explained how extra rooms at the hospital had to be opened up in order to house all the actor’s visitors.

“He was paying other people’s rent to help them make it. Now who does that in a movie and TV business? So he was helping other people. He wanted them to be just as successful as he was… He always said to me, ‘Mom, people first. Money second.’ And the money came to him.”

In particular, Bernecker explained how she was contacted by one man after her son’s passing who revealed that John Bernecker had aided his own son through a period of severe depression.

“He said your son was the only person that put him under his wing, and he wouldn’t let him go. And he said he took his son through that time.”

Bernecker’s final work can be seen in The Walking Dead season 8, which arrives on October 22nd.

Source: WWLTV