Rick Will Hunt Negan With An Ax When The Walking Dead Returns


When The Walking Dead returns from its winter break this Sunday, it’ll feature the tragic death of Carl Grimes, in one of the most shocking character exits from the show we’ve yet seen. It’s a loss that’s sure to cut his father Rick Grimes to pieces, too, so it’s no surprise to hear that Andrew Lincoln’s fearless leader will take his anger out on his nemesis Negan in a future episode.

While talking with EW, the actor teased what’s to come in the second half of TWD‘s eighth season. As well as hinting at more scenes with co-stars Danai Gurira and Norman Reedus, Lincoln also named his highlight of the run as the scene where he got to act out a violent attack with Jeffery Dean Morgan’s villain. Specifically, he revealed that Rick will go after Negan with an ax!

“I got to play with a lot of the old guard. I got to lean back in with Michonne, with Morgan, with Daryl, and it just felt that there was some interesting movement in the back eight episodes. And unexpected storytelling… I also got to hunt Negan with an ax, which is always great fun.”

After suffering under Negan’s boot for all of season 7, Rick’s been harboring an urge to kill the despot for a while now, so we imagine he’s going to enjoy hunting the villain down with that ax as much as Lincoln enjoyed bringing the scene to life. But, even though he’s been preparing himself for it for so long, would Rick actually go ahead and kill his enemy?

Chandler Riggs has teased that Carl will leave his dad with a reminder that it’s not all about murdering before he passes away in this week’s episode, suggesting that when the moment comes, Rick might prove himself the better man and show Negan mercy.

One way or another, we’ll find out what happens when The Walking Dead returns to AMC this Sunday.

Source: EW