Wally West Is Returning For The Flash Season 6


Well, the fan speculation has paid off. Showrunner Eric Wallace has revealed that Kid Flash is confirmed to return for The Flash season 6. Not only that, but Wallace also teased that Wally West and Barry Allen will be teaming up to take down a real heavy-hitter.

This is a welcome development as, somewhat surprisingly, the speedy pair haven’t actually shared that many adventures together. Speaking at the San Diego Comic-Con though, Wallace announced:

“Let’s bring Wally West back. Why don’t we do it this season… and have Kid Flash and Flash fight one of the greatest Flash villains?”

Exactly who that villain will be remains a mystery for the moment, but the show is set to feature two big bads next season (with one of them set to be Bloodwork). Season 6 has been billed as being split into two parts as well, with each half described by the showrunner as a “graphic novel.” The dividing point will, of course, be the Arrowverse’s highly anticipated “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover.

This will once again bring together all of The CW shows (and will guest star Burt Ward and see Brandon Routh returning to the role of Superman for the first time since Superman Returns). Smart money says that with all of the Arrowverse’s heroes in one place, this will be the moment Kid Flash appears.

Of course, we’ll also get to see some other familiar faces returning to the franchise. Most notably, there’s Tom Cavanagh, who’s played various characters across The Flash. Making his debut as the original Eobard Thawne in season 1, he went on to portray many different versions of Harrison Wells from various parallel universes.

In “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” he’s set to play the Arrowverse’s Pariah. In the comic continuity, Pariah’s the unfortunate figure who kicks off the apocalyptic event, running experiments that attract the Anti-Monitor to his Earth. His world gets destroyed, and he adopts the name Pariah to reflect his guilt.

How much of that story the crossover uses remains to be seen, but at the very least, it sounds like an exciting second half of 2019 for the Arrowverse.