‘WandaVision’ fans devastated after Elizabeth Olsen misses out on a Golden Globe


Marvel Cinematic Universe fans have been through this before, getting their hopes up that WandaVision would go home with its arms full of trophies, only to see the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first Disney Plus series leave empty-handed instead.

You’d have thought that may have softened the blow somewhat when last night’s Golden Globes saw Elizabeth Olsen lose out to Mare of Easttown‘s Kate Winslet for the second consecutive awards ceremony following the Primetime Emmys, but as you can see from the reactions below, that clearly wasn’t the case.

WandaVision supporters have become accustomed to seeing the reality-bending adventure in WestView snubbed by Hollywood’s awards bodies, with Kathryn Hahn’s turn as Agatha Harkness becoming a particularly sore point of contention. After being robbed at the Emmys despite going in as the heavy favorite, the actress didn’t even land a nomination at the Golden Globes, which was deemed as a huge oversight.

Of course, Winslet is one of the greatest talents of her generation and delivers the latest in consistent line of powerhouse performances in Mare of Easttown, so it’s hard to say that she didn’t deserve it. On the plus side, we’ve only got four more months to go until Olsen returns as Wanda Maximoff in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.