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‘WandaVision’ fans haven’t forgotten about Westview’s biggest unanswered mystery

Nearly two years on, and fans still have questions.

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It’s been quite the wild ride since WandaVision first brought the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the episodic television medium, shattering the parameters of the franchise’s creative boundaries whilst ushering in the first phase of the Multiverse Saga.

But nearly two years on, and a handful of plights surrounding Westview have yet to come to a close; most notably the yet-undisclosed identity of Jimmy Woo’s person of interest.

Jimmy (played by Randall Park), an FBI agent who previously served as Scott Lang’s parole officer, found himself called to Westview when someone in the witness protection program goes missing. Though we’ve been promised by director Matt Shakman that this person’s identity will eventually come to light, the mystery continues to fester in the imaginations of fans, who have taken to r/marvelstudios to share their theories.

The most popular theory, as has been the case since the show’s conclusion, is that the missing person is Evan Peters’ Ralph Bohner, who posed as Wanda’s deceased brother Pietro while working under the command of antagonist Agatha Harkness. Indeed, given what appears to be the approaching shenanigans involving the Fox universe of Marvel films (in which Peters portrayed the real Pietro) and the fact that Peters isn’t a talent you’d want to go to waste, it’s not hard to imagine this being the case.

But others are convinced that Marvel Studios itself is still trying to come up with the answer, suggesting that the entire “missing person” plot device was simply just that; a plot device to get Jimmy Woo involved.

But who knows? After all, we’ve been hit with more outlandish surprises before.

Whoever it ends up being, we’ll most likely draw closer to the answer by the time Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania hits theaters on Feb. 17 next year, since the titular protagonist has notably close ties with Jimmy and is therefore the most likely MCU project that we’ll see him in next.

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