WandaVision Spinoff Could Feature A Mystical Comic Book Location

Agatha WandaVision

Marvel Cinematic Universe fans understandably lost their minds yesterday when it was announced that WandaVision‘s instant fan favorite Agatha Harkness wasn’t just getting her own Disney Plus spinoff, but the Primetime Emmy nominee and all-round scene-stealer had also inked an overall deal with the studio that will see her recur across the entire film and television slate.

Kathryn Hahn may have been robbed of awards season glory, but she’s now got plenty of time and even more of an opportunity to make a major splash in the MCU. All we know about the project so far is that WandaVision‘s lead writer Jac Schaeffer is overseeing as part of her deal with Kevin Feige’s outfit, and it’s said to be a darkly comedic adventure.

Murphy’s Multiverse have now put forth an interesting theory, one that would introduce a famed mystical location from comic book canon. We know Agatha was persecuted by her own coven back in 1693 Salem, which means that her solo series has over 300 years of narrative to play with, should it unfold before the events of WandaVision.

In the pages of Marvel Comics, Agatha has a son named Nicholas Scratch, a powerful warlock who endured a fractious relationship with his mother. The report goes on to offer New Salem as a potential destination, which in the superhero universe exists as a hidden city that can only be accessed by magical beings.

New Salem was founded in the 17th Century, right around the time Agatha would have been chased out of regular old Salem, and she eventually ascended to become leader of the entire community. Watching the powerful witch flee her own coven, pitch up in new surroundings and then ascend to power is definitely something we could imagine unfolding on Disney Plus.