New WandaVision Theory Says Scarlet Witch May Accidentally Resurrect Ultron


Wanda and Vision’s sitcom life seen in WandaVision so far may seem idyllic, but there are increasing signs that Scarlet Witch is a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. In episode 3, for example, Wanda lost it when “Geraldine” (really Monica Rambeau) mentioned how her brother Pietro was killed by Ultron. Though we didn’t see the moment she snapped, we know Monica was flung out of Wanda’s augmented reality in a fierce surge of energy.

It’s currently unclear just how much she can control this place that she’s in, but it looks like Wanda’s emotions and subconscious definitely impact upon it. For instance, the peculiar ad breaks each episode all reference some past trauma from her life – the Stark bomb that killed her parents, HYDRA experimenting on her and Quicksilver, etc. So, once Scarlet Witch truly loses it, as we’re expecting, this could lead to major, reality-changing consequences.

In fact, ScreenRant has posed the theory that Wanda may end up accidentally resurrecting Ultron. So far, she’s created for herself a dream existence – she’s married to the somehow-revived Vision and she became pregnant with twins apparently just through willpower. If she suffered a breakdown, then, it stands to reason that she could inadvertently bring back her greatest nightmare – Ultron, the first supervillain she faced, who’s responsible for Pietro’s death.

SR suggests Ultron may be resurrected through the prism of Westview, so he might appear in human form first before he’s revealed to actually be the evil android. This means, then, that he may already be around, hiding in plain sight. Could Ultron be Agnes’ unseen husband Ralph, who most fans think is really Mephisto?

The big bad stands apart as the only Avengers villain not to return in the MCU to date, so he’s definitely due a comeback. But will this occur in WandaVision? We’ll find out soon enough.