WandaVision’s Big Twist Might Mean Old Marvel TV Shows Are Canon Again


Kevin Feige never held much creative influence or even any sort of discernible interest in Marvel Television when it was under the stewardship of Jeph Loeb, so it didn’t come as much surprise when one of his first acts after being promoted to the role of Chief Creative Officer was to confirm that none of the previous TV shows loosely based in his cinematic universe were official canon.

This presented a serious issue for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which had prided itself on MCU connections throughout its first five seasons, but the fan favorite series soon established a separate timeline that placed it on the peripherals of the Infinity Saga. The Netflix roster, meanwhile, featured some throwaway background references to the events of the movies, but they never directly impacted the plots of either Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, The Defenders or The Punisher.

The lineup of Disney Plus exclusives were marked out as the MCU’s official expansion onto the small screen, but the very first series has already blown that notion out of the water following the huge reveal at the end of this week’s WandaVision. Evan Peters’ Quicksilver showed up, and he’s a character that originated at an entirely different studio in a completely unrelated franchise, so all bets are now officially off as to what’s canon and what’s not given that the multiverse has changed everything.

Of course, the majority of the previous Marvel shows have already been heavily rumored for some sort of reboot, with or without the talent that appeared when they were dotted all across town. But WandaVision‘s cliffhanger has now introduced the possibility that all of them can be regarded as canon once again, with the caveat that they took place in different pockets of the multiverse.