War Is Coming To Star City In Latest Trailer For Arrow Season 4


The CW has released another new promo trailer for season four of Arrow, and while it’s light on new footage, it does an excellent job of setting the stage for what’s to come as we get closer and closer to the reveal of who’s in that grave.

Season three of Arrow was widely considered a disappointment by fans, but the series has shown signs of improvement in recent months, something which can perhaps be credited in part to the decision to further embrace the source material by turning “The Arrow” into Green Arrow. Damien Darhk has also been a much better villain than Ra’s al Ghul was, and this week’s instalment proved that the show has plenty of surprises up its sleeve after that shocking character death.

While it was recently confirmed that Felicity isn’t the one who dies, there are still plenty of possibilities, and all of them are frankly upsetting to think about. Of course, if Arrow doesn’t take out a major character after all these months of teasing, the backlash from fans will no doubt be massive.

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