Watch: Barry’s Running Out Of Speed In The Flash Season 7 Trailer

The Flash

The pandemic messed with TV in numerous ways, but one of the biggest was how it forced shows to halt their seasons early, leaving major plot threads to be picked up when they resumed. The Flash season 6, for example, ended with everything on the table – Iris remained trapped in the Mirrorverse, Barry was running out of his speed after the destruction of the Speed Force and Mirror Mistress is still on the loose.

On the plus side, what this means is that the next outing will hit the ground running (literally) as the unresolved storyline comes to a head. And now we have our first trailer for the Scarlet Speedster’s return which teases the drama, thrills and action that’s headed our way when The Flash is back on our screens in a month’s time.

As the promo showcases, while Barry is feeling at his lowest, as he’s losing his powers and is separated from his wife, Iris is beginning to lose her mind within the Mirrorverse, just like Eva McCulloch before her. Meanwhile, McCulloch herself is growing more powerful, as she’s able to manipulate all reflective surfaces across Central City. But you can always count on Team Flash to turn things around when times are tough, and it seems that Barry finds a way to open a portal to the Mirrorverse and rescue Iris, after all.

Ending on that most iconic of the show’s catchphrases – Wells’ cry of “run, Barry, run” – this is a trailer to really get fans hyped for the new season. It was due to premiere alongside Superman & Lois on February 23rd, but was held back to accommodate the latest Arrowverse show’s two-hour series opener. Instead, it’ll be racing onto our screens on March 2nd. That’ll be almost 10 months since The Flash season 6 finale, but hopefully it’ll prove to be worth the wait.