Watch: Batwoman Season 2 Promo Showcases The New Girl


Of all the returning crop of CW shows, the most closely scrutinized will be Batwoman, which suffered a major blow with the departure of Ruby Rose’s eponymous vigilante. Now, a fresh trailer for season 2 gives us a look at the next heroine to don the cowl of the Scarlet Knight, as well as a brief taste of what we can expect from the series.

Having Alice describe ‘new girl’ Ryan as a “handful” suggests that she won’t just be a carbon copy of Kate, but someone different enough that the character is initially unsure how to deal with her, which will hopefully balance out feeling short-changed at the lack of resolution of the enmity between the sister enemies. Meanwhile, when it comes to the Batmobile, instead of the full black number that various media have portrayed it as for years, it gets the addition of some red accents on the paintwork that act as a nod to the camp Adam West TV show from the ‘60s.

Of course, before Ryan can take center stage, there’s still the absence of Kate to address. It’s been stated that rather than being killed off the screen, she’ll simply disappear, although how or why is yet to be alluded to in any official statement, and it’s unlikely it will be prior to the season’s premiere. Any explanation, though, will be followed by the series being reworked to fit its new star, an unenviable task seeing that many of the major events of season 1 were closely tied to Kate, as well as practically every significant character in it being connected if not actually related to her.

Rather than a full trailer, the above is really just a few teasers stitched together, so presumably a proper preview for the new season of Batwoman can be expected in the imminent future to get fans ready for its debut in January.