Watch: Matt Murdock Returns In Dark Daredevil Season 4 Fan Trailer

At this point, it’s all but confirmed that Daredevil will be getting a fourth season, but we’re still left to wonder what will it look like? The show was gritty and violent, depicting a more grounded world within the MCU. But will that fly now that the property is back with Disney and not under Netflix?

We’ll have to wait and see, but unless the Mouse House creates a separate section of their streaming service for edgier content, it’ll probably look a lot different than the previous three seasons did. Then again, it could also end up on FX and be allowed to retain its more mature and dark tone.

Whatever ends up happening, we now have an idea of what the next run of the show could look like thanks to this awesome fan trailer from the talented Billy Crammer. Featuring all the hallmarks of the series, it teases a dark, thrilling new adventure for the Man Without Fear that has us eager for his return.

Whether Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige sticks with this tone remains to be seen, of course. While he does allow filmmakers to put their own stamp on different entries in the MCU, they ultimately have to serve the greater purpose, which is the overall universe and continuity. After all, both Edgar Wright and Scott Derrickson refused to fully commit to this, which is why they eventually parted ways with Marvel.

Of course, fans were sad to see Daredevil canceled, along with the other Defenders shows (though maybe not Iron Fist), but a watered-down version of the character on Disney Plus might not be enough to please people eager for his return. To really make up for the cancellation, Marvel’s going to have to retain the same tone and vibe and keep on pumping out dark, gritty adventures for Matt Murdock and co.