Watch: The Dark Passenger Returns In Dexter Season 9 Trailer


As you surely know, finales are difficult to get perfect for long-running shows, as expectations are often very high and with so many plots to tie up and arcs to take care of, it’s not hard to drop the ball. Fans of Dexter are especially aware of this, as 2013’s series closer went down as one of the most divisive in the history of the medium.

In case you’re not familiar with the show, Dexter followed the titular serial killer – played by Michael C. Hall – as he attempted to blend in with society by working as a forensic analyst for the Miami Metro Police Department. Mostly using his thirst for blood only for good by killing other murderers and no one else, he almost pulls off hiding his double life. But obviously, things get more and more complicated for him as he tries to keep his dark side from those closest to him.

Admittedly, the last few seasons began to slide, but for its first several years, Dexter was one of the best things on television, which is why it’s so disappointing that the series finale was such a dud. But now, the show is returning for a revival that’ll look to put things right, and you can check out a new promo for it up above.

Unfortunately, there’s not much on display here and this is very much a teaser for what’ll no doubt be a meatier trailer arriving soon, but it’s clear that the marketing campaign is gearing up and that’s hugely exciting. Expectations are high for the Dexter revival, no doubt, but we’re confident that the team behind it knows what’s at stake and won’t drop the ball again.

Tell us, though, are you optimistic about the series’ return? Let us know down below.