Watch: Dexter Can’t Run From His Past In Season 9 Comic-Con Trailer


The Dark Passenger is waiting… After originally ending in 2013, Dexter is back on our screens this fall as Michael C. Hall returns to his most famous role to check in on everyone’s favorite serial killer eight years later. The hype is high that the revival will manage to undo the damage inflicted on the Showtime show’s reputation by season 8, and what we’ve seen of the limited series so far has got our hopes up.

A new teaser trailer has now arrived thanks to the Dexter panel at [email protected] this weekend, which gives us our best look yet at what’s Dexter’s up to these days. Picking up a decade after Dexter went to ground in the original series finale, we’ll pick up with him living under an alias in Iron Lake, a sleepy upstate New York town. But try as he might to hide his dark past, as the trailer says, he can’t run from it forever.

The trailer reveals a brief glimpse at Clancy Brown as Kurt Caldwell, who’s been described as the “unofficial mayor” of Iron Lake who has some murky secrets of his own which will no doubt put him in conflict with Dexter. Other newcomers to the cast including Julia Jones as police chief Angela Jones, Alano Miller as police sergeant Logan and Johnny Sequoyah as Bishop’s daughter Audrey.


Though they aren’t featured in this promo, it’s been confirmed that two fan favorites from the original run will be returning alongside Hall for this revival – namely, John Lithgow as the Trinity Killer and Jennifer Carpenter as Debra Morgan. As fans know, both these characters are dead, so we’d expect them to appear via hallucinations, much like Dexter’s dad Harry did in past seasons. Actor James Remar has confirmed he’s not involved in season 9.

The Dexter revival is set to kick off its 10-episode run on Showtime this November 7th.