Watch: Jodie Whittaker And David Tennant Star In New Doctor Who VR Game Trailer

David Tennant Doctor Who

A new Doctor Who virtual reality video game is coming and it features not only current Time Lord Jodie Whittaker, but also her fan favorite predecessor David Tennant!

BBC Studios released the first teaser trailer for Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality this Sunday, which revealed that the game will star both the Tenth and Thirteenth incarnations of the Doctor as they battle the Daleks, the Cybermen and the Weeping Angels.

“A million years from now, reality itself was almost destroyed, but it was saved by a hero…” says Whittaker in the promo’s voiceover. The teaser then showcases some ominous shots of the trio of the Doctor’s deadliest foes and the TARDIS, before a final stinger drops the big bombshell. In the additional clip, the Tenth Doctor stands in a doorway. “I’m the Doctor,” announces Tennant. “Just probably not the one you were expecting.”

Edge of Reality comes from Maze Theory and BBC Studios. Described as a “compelling first-person adventure,” it’s a reimagining and expansion of last year’s The Edge of Time VR experience. For more, here are the game’s features, as revealed in a press release:

  • A Console and PC adventure across Space and Time – built with current and next-generation consoles in mind, Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality features new worlds to explore, new puzzles, new challenges and new gameplay.
  • An Original Doctor Who story – uncover a universe-spanning threat as you seek to save reality from a series of time-breaking glitches. Continue the story that began in The Edge of Time and partner with the Doctor to unearth a greater mystery.
  • New Enemies and AI – come face-to-face with classic Doctor Who monsters including the Daleks and Weeping Angels. Experience the metal-clad terror of the Cybermen and more foes yet to be revealed…

This is just the latest resurrection of the Tenth Doctor, of course. The BBC is in the midst of its massive multimedia Time Lord Victorious event which comprises books, audio dramas, comics, escape rooms and more (everything but TV, really), which features Tennant’s Doctor at its forefront. Meanwhile, the Tenth and Thirteenth Doctors previously teamed up in a crossover comic from Titan Comics.

Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality launches in spring 2021. At the same time, mobile game The Lonely Assassins also heads to iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch, and Whittaker returns to TV in the Doctor Who winter special “Revolution of the Daleks” sometime this festive season.