Watch Henry Cavill and more ‘Witcher’ stars walk the season two red carpet

netflix witcher season 2 premiere event

If you want a reminder of what Henry Cavill’s real hair looks like before you become engrossed in the second season of The Witcher, check out the red carpet live stream. Of course, if the messy silver half-ponytail is more your thing, we get that, too.

Stars Freya Allan and Anya Chalotra will also walk the carpet, which is appropriately more of a forest for this particular occasion.

Cavill gave fans a preview of what’s ahead for his character, Geralt.

“It’s always been in his core character to be a protector and now we have this Geralt who is allowed to be that person,” said the actor. “Throughout his entire life as a professional Witcher, he’s had to kind of hold that back, because every time he’s done that, he’s gotten in trouble.”

“Now he actually can be the protector. It’s like unlocking the doorway into him being who he truly is inside,” added Cavill, sharing that his character will have a chance to follow more of his instincts this season.

Cavill especially enjoyed working with new co-star Kim Bodnia, who you may know as a Killing Eve villain. Bodnia joins the series as Vesemir, Geralt’s surrogate father.

Cavill describes Bodnia as a “man of the woods,” noting that his co-star’s love of nature brought a good energy to the set. “I wanted to show that these Witchers are not just rufty tufty grumpy snowmen who live in the mountains and kill monsters. They’re three-dimensional male characters in a warrior brotherhood.”

The new season of The Witcher premieres on Dec. 17, and until then you can catch up on season one on Netflix.