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Watch: Marvel’s What If…? Mid-Season Trailer Teases A Multiverse Of Heroes

Marvel has released a mid-season trailer for What If...? which teases a multiverse of heroes still to come.

What If...?

Ahead of the latest episode of the animated anthology series tomorrow, Marvel Studios has released a new mid-season trailer for What If…? which teases a multiverse full of heroes. As well as recapping the variant Avengers we’ve met in the five episodes we’ve seen so far, the trailer also features some footage from the next four installments of this nine-part first season that are still to come.

“Why stop at one hero when we can show you all of them?” the promo’s tagline reads, with the trailer highlighting such characters as T’Challa Star-Lord, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain Carter, Loki, Hulk Doctor Strange and Killmonger. See it for yourself via the tweet below:

Some of the most intriguing clips of fresh footage from this promo include an animated recreation of Tony using the Infinity Gauntlet at the end of Avengers: Endgame, the Grandmaster and Korg partying in a take on Thor: Ragnarok and an unlikely partnership between Doctor Strange Supreme and an alternate Thor. “Zombies, great idea!” Chris Hemsworth’s God of Thunder says. This likely comes from the finale, a team-up episode for the season’s various heroes.

This week’s episode is a twist on 2008’s Iron Man, where Tony Stark is saved from being captured by the Ten Rings by Erik Killmonger, starting a whole different MCU in the process. Michael B. Jordan reprises his role as the Black Panther villain, while Mick Wingert once again takes over from Robert Downey Jr. as Stark. Remember, once this run is complete, the good news is a second season is definitely on the way, and it will tackle Phase 4 movies like Black Widow.

Not that we need to think about season 2 just yet, as we’ve still got a month left of season 1 to go. Don’t miss the new What If…? this Wednesday on Disney Plus.

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