Watch: ‘Moon Knight’ finale trailer reveals Marc Spector’s last stand


After following the plight of Marc Spector and Steven Grant throughout the month of April, Moon Knight‘s upcoming finale is nearly upon us.

With so many loose ends left for the title hero to wrap up, one can only imagine how Marvel’s latest series will pull off the satisfying conclusion that the studio has nailed time and time again.

The trailer, mostly consisting of footage from the fifth and penultimate episode, seems to tease the return of Khonshu, who was sealed away by members of the Ennead in the third episode. It also appears that series antagonist Arthur Harrow is on the verge of finally unleashing Ammit as well; an event that Marc will seek to halt at any costs as he and Harrow rush towards one another atop a precarious pyramid.

Our last encounter with Spector and Grant was a particularly mystifying and heart-wrenching one, with the two of them encountering the Egyptian goddess Tawaret, who informs them that the psychiatric institution they’ve woken up in is simply their (Spector/Grant’s) interpretation of the Egyptian afterlife.

Scattered throughout the institution are Spector’s most repressed memories and traumas, which we encounter throughout the episode as the heroes desperately try to avoid judgement. It isn’t until Grant, who we’ve learned at this point is an alternate personality created by Spector as a coping mechanism, is killed by hostile afterlife spirits, that Spector manages to avoid judgement and subsequently wake up in the “Field of Reeds,” an Egyptian paradise.

The season finale has quite the goal to achieve, with just 42 minutes to return Spector to the land of the living, reunite with Layla, face and defeat Arthur Harrow, and ultimately ensure that each character is properly sent off or set up for the future, depending on how Moon Knight ultimately ties into Marvel’s continuity. The “how?” surrounding such a goal offers almost as much dramatic tension as the show itself, making for a particularly tantalizing wait for the conclusion.

The final episode of Moon Knight will release exclusively to Disney Plus on May 4.