Watch: Negan And Maggie Share A Tense Reunion In New Walking Dead Clip

The Walking Dead

Ever since we found out that Lauren Cohan was returning to The Walking Dead, fans have been wondering how Maggie would react when she discovered Negan’s now a free – and changed – man. Though the rest of the survivors have witnessed the former villain’s redemption firsthand, Maggie’s been away, so she’s not exactly going to forgive and forget when it comes to her husband’s killer. Just as you’d expect, then, the pair will have a tense reunion in the mini-season premiere that’s due to debut this very weekend on AMC+ and you can check out the big moment in the clip above.

Ahead of season 10C kicking off on streaming this Sunday, the network has dropped the opening minutes of episode 10×17 “Home Sweet Home” and they begin with Maggie making swift work of taking out a walker in the woods, before having a sweet heart-to-heart with Judith (Cailey Fleming). But then she spots Negan standing by the side of the road and the mood turns sour.

An awkward Negan says hello, but Maggie is too dumbstruck by his presence to reply. “I didn’t escape if that’s what you’re thinking,” he adds, but Maggie just keeps on ignoring him and storms off. Negan and Judith are then left to exchange a look of “well, that could’ve gone better.”

The last time Maggie and Negan came face to face was several years ago, in the timeline of the show, with Maggie planning to kill him inside his jail cell for murdering Glenn. A broken Negan was ready to die, however, so she decided to let him live and rot in prison. As such, seeing him out and about upon her return home is not what she expected. But will she be able to come around and accept that Negan has done some good?

The Walking Dead season 10C’s premiere is available to AMC+ subscribers from this Sunday and will have its regular airing on AMC next Sunday, February 28th.