Watch: New ‘Moon Knight’ featurette hypes up one-of-a-kind Marvel series

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This new featurette for Marvel’s incoming Moon Knight TV series promises that it will be an MCU outing like nothing else that’s come before it. After years of fans demanding he enter the franchise, the Moon Knight is finally making his live-action debut at the end of this month. With Star Wars veteran Oscar Isaac in the lead, the show looks set to deliver everything fans love about the complex anti-hero from the comic books, something this latest promo doubles down on.

As shared by USA Today, this 90-second featurette sees the cast and crew hype up the series big-time, as well as showcasing some thrilling new footage of the nocturnal vigilante in action. Check it out via the tweet below:

Echoing comments he’s made before, Isaac stresses in the featurette that Moon Knight isn’t just an action/adventure show but a “real, legitimate character study” of someone with serious mental health issues. As has been teased in the trailers, the eponymous character has Dissociative Identity Disorder. The way the series tackles that by introducing Isaac’s hero as Steven Grant before revealing that his true identity is Marc Spector, a former U.S. Marine imbued with the powers of an Egyptian god. Isaac promises that MK will take Marc’s mental illness “incredibly seriously.”

But, at the same time, it will still deliver on all the superheroic thrills you could ask for. Kevin Feige promises that Moon Knight is a “spectacular character who’s got an incredibly unique visual look,” while Isaac’s co-star May Calamawy teases that it’s an intriguing blend of “Fight Club meets Indiana Jones” and gets “a bit dark at times.” Ethan Hawke, who plays Spector’s nemesis Arthur Darrow, meanwhile, thinks Moon Knight has “shifted the paradigm,” with Isaac concluding the featurette by saying it’s going to be “totally unpredictable.”

If this featurette hasn’t got your excited for Moon Knight, then nothing will. Don’t miss the six-part series when it premieres on Disney Plus this March 30.

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