Watch: ‘Moon Knight’ promo hypes tomorrow’s chaotic new episode

This latest promo for Marvel’s Moon Knight hypes up this week’s latest episode of the unpredictable Disney Plus series.

After years of fans campaigning to see him in the MCU, Moon Knight finally made his franchise debut a couple of weeks ago as his self-titled TV show arrived on streaming. And while we’re only a couple of weeks into the six-part event, the Oscar Isaac vehicle has already impressed audiences with its wild, twisty-turny storyline.

By the looks of things, we can only expect things to get even wilder in episode three. Ahead of the third installment dropping this Wednesday, the official Moon Knight Twitter account has dropped this brief new promo for “a new episode of chaos”, featuring clips of Isaac’s Marc Spector in his various personas, May Calamawy’s Layla, and Egyptian god Khonshu (voiced by F. Murray Abraham). Check it out via the tweet below:

Episode two ended on a thrilling action sequence in the middle of London, as Marc took over from his alter Steven Grant (who also briefly got in on the action as Mr. Knight). The very last scene then revealed that Marc had traveled to Egypt as he attempts to beat his nemesis, Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke), to the tomb of Ammit, which can only be discovered via the much-coveted scarab.

So, expect things to heat up now that the show has started globetrotting. Director Mohamed Diab has previously explained how he wanted to portray a more authentic depiction of Egypt than we usually see on screen — specifically, don’t expect Moon Knight‘s handling of the location to be anything like Wonder Woman 1984‘s Egyptian scenes, which Diab labelled a “disgrace.”

Don’t miss Moon Knight‘s apparently chaotic third episode when it swoops onto Disney Plus from tonight/tomorrow, April 13.