Watch: New Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness Trailer Shows Leon In Action


Netflix has released a new trailer for Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness ahead of the show’s release later this week, this time with attention focused squarely on Raccoon City survivor Leon S. Kennedy. The former police officer, now an agent and bodyguard hired tasked with protecting the US president at all costs, is faced with yet another nightmare mere years following his detour in rural Spain, this time in the form of a terrorist attack on the White House.

Joined by several colleagues, Leon, something of an expert you might say, on the topic of undead assailants, once again comes face to face with an army of walking corpses during the events of Infinite Darkness, introducing himself in today’s trailer shortly after saving the life of another security guard. Proceeding on foot to the Oval Office, he and the remaining staff escort the country’s leader to the safety of a bunker before departing to sweep the building for any further intruders.

Unsurprisingly, the footage offers absolutely no insight on the individual responsible for this outbreak or, for that matter, what their motives are, though it’s safe to say that discovering the truth will be no easy task. Elsewhere, Claire Redfield will be performing her own investigation into suspicious activities, with both heroes, last seen together during the events of Resident Evil 2, likely to reunite as a means of combating this new threat to civilian life.

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness releases tomorrow, July 8th, and is due to be followed later in the year with two live-action productions based on the franchise, one a feature-length reboot; the other an episodic series once again produced by Netflix. See here for all the latest announcements concerning the latter.