Watch: New Walking Dead Season 11 Promo Teases Thrills And Spills

The Walking Dead season 11 is right around the corner, and this latest promo further teases the thrills and spills to come in the long-running drama’s final run. While US fans can catch TWD on either AMC or AMC Plus, Disney Plus has snapped up the rights to the show in the UK and Ireland and will be exclusively streaming new episodes the day after their premiere in the States, through its mature Starz label. Check out the new Disney Plus promo for the final season via the player above.

This 30-second teaser mostly features footage we’ve seen before, but there are a few less-familiar shots in there. By this point, we’ve got a strong gist of what the thrust of season 11 will be. Our survivors will be facing off against the latest group of masked murderers out to get them – the Reapers, villains original to TV – and are fighting not just for themselves but for their home, the next generation and their continuing battle to reestablish a more civilized world.

Speaking of which, on the surface, it looks like the Commonwealth has achieved just that. However, we’ve already seen that the community – the largest in the TWD universe – has a darkness as its core. The first half of season 11 will continue the storyline of Eugene and his crew being incarcerated in the Commonwealth, before the rest of the characters encounter the militaristic commune themselves later in the run.

Norman Reedus has described this super-sized final batch of episodes as “mind-blowing”. The 24-part season, he says, will be split into two, with the first half tackling the Reapers arc and the second dealing with the Commonwealth. While the former will be a gritty “black and white western”, the second, Reedus says, is like a “technicolor Willy Wonka film.”

The Walking Dead season 11 premieres on August 22nd on AMC. Or, if you’re in the UK, you can catch it on Disney Plus from August 23rd.