Watch: Obi-Wan Kenobi Sizzle Reel Arrives Ahead Of Disney Plus Day

Image via LucasFilm/Disney

This Friday is Disney Plus Day, and the platform is set to share a truckload of new teases for some of its most hotly anticipated original productions. This includes Obi-Wan Kenobi, the long-awaited Star Wars show featuring Ewan McGregor’s return as the fan-favorite Jedi Master. If you can’t wait to get a glimpse at the series, then you’re in luck, as an exciting new sizzle reel has arrived online ahead of time. 

While it doesn’t showcase any actual footage from the series, the sizzle reel still does the job of raising the hype for Obi-Wan thanks to some juicy hints from McGregor and director Deborah Chow as well as a few intriguing glimpses of concept art and behind-the-scenes footage. Like the man in the featurette says, “The fans have been waiting long enough for [Kenobi] to come back.” Check out the promo via the tweet below: 

Obviously, the biggest takeaway from this sizzle reel is our first look at Hayden Christensen’s return as Darth Vader. Again, we don’t actually see any footage of him in the role from the series itself, but a piece of concept art unveils the Sith Lord in all his glory. Meanwhile, some shots of Christensen in lightsaber training promises that we’ll be getting a rematch between Vader and Kenobi following their climactic battle for the high ground in Revenge of the Sith

“We couldn’t tell the story of Obi-Wan Kenobi without addressing Anakin or Vader,” says Chow. Meanwhile, McGregor promises that the former friends will “have another swing at each other” in the show, which he thinks “could be quite satisfying for everybody.” 

Joining these two icons of the saga is a terrific supporting cast including Moses Ingram, Indira Varma, Rupert Friend, O’Shea Jackson Jr., Sung Kang, and Eternals star Kumail Nanjiani. As Chow teases in this featurette, the story might begin with Obi-Wan watching over the young Luke on Tatooine, but it will go to some unexpected places from there. 

Watch out for more on Obi-Wan Kenobi tomorrow. To find out the full Disney Plus Day schedule, visit here