Watch The Original Cast Of Twin Peaks Rally Behind David Lynch



When announced last year, the whole web went berserk upon hearing the news that Lynch and co-creator Mark Frost would return for a limited series of Twin Peaks. However, due to a series of complications in the financial department, network brass refused to offer Lynch the additional time he required to properly hammer out the scripts. After a long period in which Lynch struggled to iron out negotiations with Showtime, he ultimately decided to drop out of the forthcoming season.

Immediately afterwards, Showtime posted an official statement suggesting it was fully intending to do everything in its power to lock down Lynch. Since then we’ve heard no new developments from Lynch or Showtime’s camps, but there is now a newly-launched video campaign designed to Save Twin Peaks!

In light of the iconoclastic filmmaker’s exit, the original cast of Twin Peaks have taken the matter into their own hands. Each of the main ensemble filmed themselves saying the phrase “Twin Peaks without David Lynch is like….,” filling the blanks in with their own comparison. Then Madchen Amick, who played waitress Shelly, compiled them into one clip and posted it to her WhoSay account.

It’s a bold move on behalf of those performers, who were most likely hoping to reprise their roles in the upcoming show, and proves their loyalty to the man ultimately responsible for the show’s cult success. You can check out the video clip for yourself below along with a written description of all the loglines.

“Twin Peaks without David Lynch is like a girl without a secret.” – Sheryl Lee (Laura Palmer)

“… is like a dog without a bark.” – Dana Ashbrook (Bobby Briggs)

“… is like eyes without the brows.” – Sherilyn Fenn (Audrey Horne)

“… is like a waitress without a uniform.” – Mädchen Amick (Shelly Johnson)

“… is like a pie without cherries.” – Peggy Lipton (Norma Jennings)

“… is like a motorcycle without its rider.” – James Marshall (James Hurley)

“… is like a sheriff’s station without donuts.” – Kimmy Robertson (Lucy Moran)

“… is like a letterman jacket without the leather.” – Gary Hershberger (Mike Nelson)

“… is like a log without its bark.” – Catherine E. Coulson (Margaret Lanterman aka The Log Lady)

“… is like drape runners without cotton balls.” – Wendy Robie (Nadine Hurley)

“… is like fire without the heat.” – Al Strobel (Philip Michael Gerard aka The One Armed Man aka MIKE)

“…is like a hole without the donut.” – Jennifer Lynch (David Lynch’s daughter)

“… is like sad without funny… or funny without sad.” – Grace Zabriskie (Sarah Palmer)

“… is like Abbott without Costello, Bela without Lugosi… Franken without stein.” – Charlotte Stewart (Betty Briggs)

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