Watch: ‘Reacher’ trailer teases a hard-hitting episodic reboot


Amazon’s Jack Ryan series has become a firm favorite among dads everywhere by offering undemanding genre entertainment that fuses action with intrigue to deliver a reasonably entertaining and glossy slice of episodic escapism, and it looks as though the platform may have found a spiritual bedfellow in Reacher.

A reboot of the Lee Child novels that led to a pair of solid Tom Cruise thrillers, the series is going back to basics by bringing the author’s original version of the military investigator to the screen, by which we mean an absolutely huge dude playing the title role.

Alan Ritchson is the huge dude in question, and just hours after the first batch of images from Reacher were released, an entire full-length trailer has arrived. The project has largely flown under the radar, with today bringing the first real news we’ve heard on it, even though the first of what could be many seasons is coming to streaming on February 4.

In all honesty, Reacher doesn’t look like the greatest or most original TV show to come along, but the combination of action, humor and thrills is always a combination guaranteed to draw in a decent-sized audience, so this could be one worth checking out.