Watch: The Mandalorian Season 1 Gets The How It Should’ve Ended Treatment


After a long absence, the next run of The Mandalorian will continue to tell the story of the bounty hunter Din Djarin and his reliable sidekick Baby Yoda in a couple of weeks. But as we inch closer to the premiere date, a lot of fans are looking back at season 1 and reflecting on what made the show click with so many people in the first place.

For one thing, Jon Favreau’s take on the galaxy far, far away diverts from the grand and epic scale of the Skywalker Saga, focusing instead on smaller set pieces and humbler narrative threads to tell an intimate and compelling story. And if that isn’t enough for any Star Wars fan or casual viewer to hop on the bandwagon, the Child and his mysterious origins, not to mention his unrelenting cuteness, should be all the reason you need to catch up with the popular Disney Plus series.

But as is the case with most of these heroes’ journeys, especially in the television medium, Mando will need a lot of convenient plot developments to escape certain death. We even saw this in the first season, where the protagonist would repeatedly get out of seemingly impossible situations, whether through his own competence or mere luck.

Now, as you can see above, the How It Should Have Ended series on YouTube has just taken a jab at this matter by hilariously imagining how each episode of the first run should’ve concluded. Spoilers: they all end rather terribly for the protagonist and his companion, though in fairness, we wouldn’t have it any other way with HISHE.

The upcoming chapter of The Mandalorian will hopefully answer some of our questions about Baby Yoda and even Din Djarin himself. But what makes us really excited are the new guests among the familiar faces, like Ahsoka Tano and Boba Fett, both of whom have been heavily rumored over the past couple of months to appear at some point in season 2.

To know for sure how they’ll be involved, though, we’ll have to wait until the first episode of the next run drops on October 30th on Disney’s streaming service.