Watch: New Superman & Lois Promo Focuses On The Super-Sons

Superman & Lois

Superman & Lois is now just a couple of weeks away from premiering on The CW, bringing with it the first TV series to focus on the Man of Steel since Smallville ended exactly 10 years ago. But it won’t be all about Tyler Hoechlin’s Clark Kent, or even him and Elizabeth Tulloch’s Lois Lane. No, the show will star the whole Kent clan – Clark, Lois and their two teenage sons, Jonathan (Jordan Elsass) and Jordan (Alex Garfin).

We haven’t seen too much of the super-sons in the promos for the series so far, but this new S&L trailer – which you can catch in the player above – brings them into the spotlight a bit more. As per the premise, the footage sees the family relocating back to the old Kent farm in Smallville, Kansas. And with the move, Clark makes the decision to finally tell his kids that he’s really the Last Son of Krypton. Dylan Walsh’s Sam Lane, Lois’ father, is against the idea, though, warning his son-in-law that the reveal is going to tear them apart.

And it looks like the general knows what he’s talking about. Jonathan and Jordan aren’t exactly overjoyed that their dad is the Man of Tomorrow, and are shocked and betrayed by the fact that he’s been lying to them all their lives. By the looks of it, Jordan is the most hurt. Given that he’s an original creation for TV, DC fans are wondering if he might turn away from the heroic path and become a villain. Is Jordan going to go all Brightburn on Smallville?

Either way, yet again we’re impressed with what we’re seeing of the show, with Superman & Lois promising to have a feel and tone that’s separate from the other Arrowverse series. Don’t miss its two-hour opener – that’s a 90-minute premiere plus a half-hour behind-the-scenes special – on Tuesday, February 23rd.